BLACK TALK BROADCAST NETWORK.Conversation Reparations – The nationwide Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in the usa.

BLACK TALK BROADCAST NETWORK.Conversation Reparations – The nationwide Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in the usa.

Conversation Reparations – The nationwide Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in the us

The nationwide Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in the usa (N’COBRA) may be the premiere mass-based coalition of businesses and individuals structured for the single objective of…

Abolition These days – A conversation together Majesty The queen-mother of Benin western Africa

Maximum and Yusuf are joined by The Queen-mother of Benin, Western Africa to discuss intercontinental prison methods together with modern-day bondage abolition movement from…

BTR Reports – CCHR Requires Restrictions On Chokeholds & Youngsters Abuse In Mental Health Amenities

Citizens Payment on People Legal Rights Global (CCHR), an even more than 50-year psychological state market watchdog, Residents Fee on Person Legal Rights, try promoting promotions against legislation…

Abolition Today – Attica #ShutemDown2021 & 9/11/2001

We talk about organized prison rebellions past and existing. Beginning with #ShutemDown2021. This week we’ll know a lot of historic happenings whoever anniversaries occurred possibly within previous…

GCCT – “Illegal” Protest Against light Terrorism & 100 % free Speech limitations in Dallas, NC

The dark chat Media task as well as its creator Scotty T Reid were declined a permit to hold a rally against terrorism on 9/11/2021 that has been applied for in the Dallas authorities section in Dallas vermont. The rally against terrorism would be to feel from 5 pm to 6 pm and would definitely showcase speakers featuring 400 plus years of terrorism against dark and native men by folks classifying as white.

Dark medical practitioner – PARDON ME MEDICAL PRACTITIONER with Dr. Melissa Clarke; healthcare facilities in problems: The Delta Variant

Join Dr. Mel using the team as we are joined by disaster doctor Dr. Ingrid Labat as they talk about how the Delta variation enjoys rocked healthcare facilities in the us.

The Rough Real Life Podcast Ep.24

• was outdated Joe gearing right up for a martial law circumstances. Wearing Down all of our thoughts on what the results are soon of the…


Fairness Radio Station Strengthening Publicity, Manufacturing Planet – “No One Mistreated”. If Procedure is within Truth stamina, after that what holds it Together and causes…

NA broadcast – restore The Bronx w/ Jessica & Jamal

Jessica Rodriquez, a part of restore The Bronx and works together Root & part group Ny, will join all of us in a debate with regards to obtaining accurate ideas from inside jails and prisons towards horrors of jail bondage. To that particular conclusion, another group provides emerged called attention for you Ny which trying out many of these dilemmas.

BTR Development – Israel Causing Division With Software Into African Union

The apartheid federal government of Israel causes sections among African regions because it reapplies for observer condition inside the African Union.

Black Doctor – Making It Plain: A Town Hall conversation About COVID & the Incarcerated

Are the incarcerated becoming shielded from COVID? What the results are when they’re revealed? Leading medical researchers, supporters, and criminal justice workers talk about this often-overlooked population.

The Harsh Reality Podcast Ep.23

• Colorado bans abortions after 6 days, is it hypocritical for folks to call it a woman’s correct concern? Black abortions have equaled births in…

Abolition Now – A Burning Household and also the Enslaved Firemen

In the midst of every thing, a fast growing slavery abolitionist movement stands out a beacon of explanation, bands the bells of versatility, plus in a month of woes, goes right to the root of the rotten good fresh fruit.

BTR News – Banks Proceed Racist Redlining Procedures Despite Pledges w/ Wanda Silva

In the aftermath in the kill of George Floyd by convicted killer and former policeman Derek Chauvin, which triggered another revolution of mass protests against police violence, lots of corporations including finance companies launched a slew of “woke” polices playing their own part within the reduction of endemic racism. Include banking institutions undertaking sufficient? Maybe not based on Wanda Silva.


BEFORE AUTHENTIC CHANGES TAKES PLACE: Real change ought to be preceded simply by using Meta Physic and Signal including – United Free Compensatory Signal Program Principle. …

Modification Things – It’s Time For You To Determine The Reality Part 3

The audience is now featuring parts 3, COVID-19 TheVariant, The Vaccine can i or Shouldn’t I?

Abolition nowadays – The 366th time Live from Sacramento

“The path from fancys to success does exist. May you’ve got the dream to find it, the courage to get on to it, and the perseverance to follow it.” – Kalpana Chawla

BTR Reports – African Supply Reporting On New COVID Variation

As vaccine hesitancy persists in Africa as well as the African Diaspora, with confirmed situations increasing, we now have African options stating an innovative new growing variant of Corona Virus 19.

3 Dudes mentioning Smack and playing songs period 4 event 4

Liam and gigantic P share a number of a common Live Performances with this occurrence

GCCT – Class Mask Mandate, 9/11 Wedding Ceremony & “Race-Baiting”

Within This bout of the GCCT podcast, Scotty supplies commentary on several tales offering an NC instructor declining to wear a mask in school…

Black Physician: Manage Ebony Lives Matter Within This Recent Pandemic?

In this clip from “quarters Call with Dr. Gigi: The Triple Pandemic” the panel talks about the disproportionate death costs of Ebony boys and boys from Covid (healthcare Apartheid), private options, therefore the legislation whenever your selections harm other individuals, while the selfishness of some anti-vaxxers.

Dr. Mel Explains risks of Invermectin & stops working Ingredients of Covid Vaccines

Dr. Mel of warns visitors against getting Ivermectin, a veterinarian drug familiar with treat horses and cows as an untested treatment plan for Covid. She next describes exactly what the components of mRNA vaccines were and exactly how they work.

Abolition Today – Ten Million Violations with the fifteenth Amendment

Weekly prior to the August 28th March On for Voting liberties rallies we enjoy deep into voter disenfranchisement. Just how, the reason why, and just who. This Is The United States.…

BTR Development – Indonesian Radio Regulatory Human Body Does Precisely What The FCC Refuses To Create

Evident The Airwaves Project’s Kwabena Rasuli joins BTR Development to talk about the headlines regarding the Indonesian broadcast broadcasting regulating human anatomy restricting tunes that encourages physical violence and immorality towards several hours after 10 pm.

BTR Development – Black Fathers FB Cluster Censures Blogs About Racism

For a couple months I was a part of a FB cluster for Ebony Fathers being that i’ve played a role in increasing three girl that young children of one’s own, I imagined i would has something to provide the more youthful Black dads.

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